December 1, 2011

12,000 mi.

Since leaving New York in early August, I have put 12,000 miles on my VW Syncro.  That’s about 600 gallons of gas or a little more than 100 miles a day.  Up and down the West Coast, cruising around the Rockies, and exploring the deserts,  I’m always looking out the windows.  Here are some of my favorites views from the last 12,000 miles.  I’m excited to work on more video projects in the future.


Here are some more links,





  • Benson
    December 1 , 2011

    Somehow I don’t believe that your syncro gets 20 mpg…

  • December 1 , 2011

    Slick as owl shit.

  • December 1 , 2011


  • claire
    December 1 , 2011


  • December 1 , 2011

    LOOKS GOOD, YOUNG LAD. when you coming back to visit 650? help with next showroom by folding knits? (also, when are you fixing our link to the correct site?)

  • December 1 , 2011

    She averaged just that today. without the shit on top she gets 23.

    glad you like it although i havent seen owl shit in awhile.

    thanks man, glad you like it.

    Miss Brown eye,
    im glad you called yourself that. I dont know if i will ever fold down a table of knits and sweaters again. who knows though. as for the link, i think its more profound the way it is,

    thanks. glad you like it.


  • December 3 , 2011

    michael hurley + van life = perfect

  • December 3 , 2011

    Great stuff. Keep ‘em coming.

  • December 5 , 2011

    I thought it was good match too. my younger brother is a music guru and suggested it to me.


  • December 5 , 2011

    thanks for the kind words. im excited to do more stuff with film. its a challenge but i like what but im excited with what you can do with it.


  • John
    December 5 , 2011

    I’ve been searching forever for a blog that captures the great American landscape and I finally found it here. I’ve spent hours over the last few days just scrolling through the pages. Thanks for this!

    Do you know of any other blogs that do this (chronicles adventures in American nature)?

  • December 5 , 2011

    […] invasions barbares. + paris on instagram. + stripes. + charles bukowski for any time of the day. + twelve thousand miles. + prince edward boy is back in town, which makes me happy. there, I said it. moving on. + beijing […]

  • December 7 , 2011

    thank you for this.

  • December 14 , 2011

    “Stay free”
    -third pillar on the left