"Teeny Bopper, my teenage lover I caught your waves last night It sent my mind to wonderin'. You're such a groove, Please don't move.

Please stay in my love house by the river."

"What's this song?  Who is this?" Phil asked.

"Sir Douglas Quintet, the song's called Mendocino."

"Isn't that the name of the place we are heading?"

"Sure is.  It's beautiful.  You're going to love it."

I had heard the song two years earlier on an summer's evening on a New York City rooftop.  Like Phil, I asked a similar question to my friend Lee.  Despite being from the West Coast,  I had never heard of the remote county in the Northwest portion of California and assumed it was some place on the central coast.   Not until hitting the road and traveling up and down the California Coast on the PCH did I find the special part of the state described in that 70's song.

After spending two days in Humboldt, we headed down the 101 towards the start of the PCH and the Mendocino Coast.  The bluffs and steep hillsides resemble Big Sur, but without the convertible rental cars. Four hours from San Francisco,  the area is sleepy and seldom traveled, save for a few notable holiday weekends.  Travelers between San Francisco and Oregon opt to take the 101 or I-5,  leaving the PCH with local access to small coastal towns. Periodic vacancy signs announced the level of bustle.

Camping in turn-offs along the PCH, we worked our way down the coast.

Big Trees.



Phil snapping flicks.

Sunset off the PCH.



Easy Rider.

"Please stay here with me in Mendocino, Mendocino, Mendocino Where life's such a groove, You blow your mind in the morning We used to walk through the park, Make love along the way in Mendocino Mendocino, Mendocino, Mendocino"



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