Tailgating at Bristol

Tailgating is a big part of any outdoor American sporting event and a facet of the utmost importance at a southern NASCAR race.

Like the Christian religion that many NASCAR fans abide by, the tailgate has it's own trinity: drinking beer, eating copious amounts of red meat, and passing time with good company. In order to properly understand the NASCAR experience, we embraced the tailgate like seven-year-old at a McDonald's play structure.

Packing those patties.

Although small, the Webber Smokey Joe cranked out BTU's.

The finished product; you wont find any vegetarians at a NASCAR tailgate.

Edge enjoying the fruits of his labor.

and Panzer his.

Bruce grabbing two long necks.

Chris planning the next leg of the trip before festivities started.

These bros were tearassing around the parking lot the whole day with a sign saying "Beads 4 Tits." Note the Igloo cooler strapped to the front.

This is middle America.

After lubricating for three hours with hamburger grease and cheap beer, we walked down the Yellow-brick road towards the Food City 500.

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