Maine Lobster Gear

When I first arrived in Maine in the fall of 2006, Colby played up the Maine aesthetic with an "all-you-can-eat" lobster and Gifford's ice cream cookout. I have never been a big fan of lobster itself and I found the whole spectacle grossly excessive environmentally speaking. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for Lobster, I am interested in the process and phenomena surrounding the "Maine Lobster," and its role in defining an identity for the state of Maine. When most people think of lobster gear they think of a bib, a nut cracker and melted butter, not hundreds of neon yellow cages, blaze orange rope and black and green buoys. I spotted this gear last weekend on the side of the road near Brunswick Maine, was moved by its vibrant colors and its often over looked importance.

The bright colors of this lobster gear contrast sharply with the gray water and white waves where they earn their keep.

Maine lobster men weather the elements year round to fish for lobster and this gear has to handle the punishments.

I love the blues and the reds, all we need is some white .

The finished project of Maine, a 1.5 pound lobster.

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