Instant Photos from the Beach

Schlepping my Canon 5d Mark II all of the time gets old. It's heavy, bulky and expensive. Last week when I went to the beach, I left my Canon at home and brought my iPhone 3GS to brave the smell of sunscreen, laundry detergent laden towels and evaporated beer.

I spent 45 minutes chasing around seagulls trying to catch them in motion. I kicked sand on half the people on the beach and blindly ran into a lifeguard tower. I think it was worth it.

After wearing my APC New Standards for more than a year, I thought it was finally time to tackle the stench. I ran into the sea and rubbed them down with sand twice and then let them dry on the fence. Now the look like Sevens...woooof

Red, White and Blue.

Satin umbrella.

These little bastards were devouring a bag of chips dropped by a strolling five-year-old. With iPhone in hand I ran towards these seagulls like a knight with a shield.

I love the ability to spontaneously capture life and tell a story with an image. Everyday I see things that inspire me and now I have a tool to capture them. All of these photos were taken with an iPhone and the Instant Camerbag application.

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