A Wall in My Room: Part 3

People's taste evolves. It grows more complex and requires more to satisfy its increasing appetite. Starting in August, I decorated my wall with pieces of things found in the world around me. I started small with a piece of driftwood from Lake Champlain in Vermont and a few odds and ends from a flea market in Woolwich, Maine. From there I found a blanket at a garage sale and an American flag at an antique mall near my school. Recently, I pulled everything down and added some new finds.

My most prized piece of L.L. Bean clothing I own: vintage barn jacket.

My two favorite packs.

Face t0 face.

Shoes I have loved.

I like red details.

I enjoy the process of envisioning something and then trying my best to execute it, even more than the final result. In a few months I will grow restless and take it all down again, but I am okay with that.

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