The Burning House

If your house was burning, what would you bring with you?
It's a philosophical conflict between what's practical, valuable and sentimental. You're forced to prioritize and boil down a life of accrued possessions into what you can carry out with you. What you would bring reflects your interests, background and priorities. People's stage in life also dictates their selection. A father of five in his forties would grab very different things than he would have as a bachelor in his twenties. Think of it as a full interview condensed into one question.
Here is a list of what I would bring,
My Granfather's Explorer Scout shirt
Naked and Famous Jeans (three years old)
Nike SFB boots
Ralph Lauren alligator belt (well loved)
One basalt rock from the Columbia River Gorge
One shell from Nicaragua
Three shells and one stone from the Maine coast
Vintage Woolrich Horse skin hunting gloves
LaCie rugged hard drive (all of my photos and image research)
Oakley Razor Blades
iPhone 4

Not Pictured*
What would you bring?
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