C Street

"That feels like a square knot," I murmured.  Checking the paracord  securing my fins to my ankles, I dove under an oncoming wall of whitewater.  Emerging on the other side a few moments later, I looked for bubbles on my housing, and started paddling out side stroke towards the peaking waves.

"Good luck," Evan said passing me on his longboard.

"I'll be fine," I grinned. Anticipating a side current I took a different rout from the surfers, paddling hard towards the point as opposed to straight out.

Time to dive.

Different waves.

The business end of an outside set.



This is why I like spending time in the water.  Sunsets.

After forty minutes or so, I finally made it out through the current and on comping waves.  Resting for a moment like a sea otter, I figitted with the controls on the back of my housing.  Aperture and shutter speed clicked with twist of a stainless steel dial. Grinning ear to ear,  I shouted over to Evan.

"I'm glad I got this overnighted."

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