The Common Ground Fair

In the last weekend of September, fifty thousand people descend on a small organic farm in Unity, Maine to celebrate rural living, local crafts, sustainable lifestyles and local farming.

Hand made ladders: more bars in more places.

Curing a deer hide in preparation for tanning a hide with mayonnaise. He got the half moon on his left index finger from a casual, "slaughtering a chicken."

Chop Chop, these axes were used to shape beams.

This guy is the real deal. The Maine Guide badge denotes his title and his Maine Hunting shoes complement his Johnson Woolmills digs.

Chestnuts roasting on the opening fire.

The Maine Hunting Shoe was all over the place. I want a pair!

Well loved.

This guy has probably slept outside a night or two; all wool and leather, a pair of Quoddys and a bow drill.

This team makes barns and other structures without nails, using only hand cut beams.

This single beveled broad axe is used for putting the finishing touches on each beam.

Hand-made snowshoes and canoe paddles.

I want one so badly.

I love the Common Ground Fair because it reminds me of a life without computers and iPhones.