Moxie Cream Soda: A Taste of Maine

143 years ago in Lowell Massachusetts, a physician named Augustin Thompson created Moxie Cream Soda in his barn. Thompson left his thriving medical practice to develop and market his patent medicine as a "nerve tonic." Moxie Cream soda was rumored to cure ailments from softening of the brain to losing your manhood.

Today, Moxie is distributed in limited quantities in New England as a subsidiary of the Coca Cola Company and remains popular with Mainards. Every summer, the town of Lisbon Maine celebrates Moxie's contributions to the state of Maine with the Moxie Festival. Here is a video of Frank describing Moxie's infamous aftertaste.

Upon asking fellow Colby students if they liked Moxie, they almost always responded, "Nahh, but my dad loves that shit."

Recently, Moxie has gained popularity in Maine and Connecticut because of its mixability with spirits, here are some of my favorite recipes taken from this forum;

The “Welfare Mom”, which consists of equal parts Diet Moxie and Allen's Coffee Flavored Brandy,

The Vijay", which consists of equal parts of Moxie and blended American Whiskey,

The “County Girl”, a drink made up of one part bourbon whiskey and two parts Moxie on the rocks, with an optional lime garnish.

If any of this sound good, you can buy Moxie on line here, or better yet call some small grocery store in Waterville like the Big Apple and ask them to ship a case to you.

Thanks to Mr. Rodney Corey for the tip.

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