October 13, 2011

C Street

“That feels like a square knot,” I murmured.  Checking the paracord  securing my fins to my ankles, I dove under an oncoming wall of whitewater.  Emerging on the other side a few moments later, I looked for bubbles on my housing, and started paddling out side stroke towards the peaking waves.

“Good luck,” Evan said passing me on his longboard.

“I’ll be fine,” I grinned. Anticipating a side current I took a different rout from the surfers, paddling hard towards the point as opposed to straight out.

Time to dive.

Different waves.

The business end of an outside set.



This is why I like spending time in the water.  Sunsets.

After forty minutes or so, I finally made it out through the current and on comping waves.  Resting for a moment like a sea otter, I figitted with the controls on the back of my housing.  Aperture and shutter speed clicked with twist of a stainless steel dial. Grinning ear to ear,  I shouted over to Evan.

“I’m glad I got this overnighted.”

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  • October 13 , 2011

    great series, as always! what housing did you get? i’ve been toying with the idea for a while now but the ones i’ve looked at are in the $2k+ range and that’s just too steep for me.

  • October 13 , 2011

    Ahh, I wish I had grown up on the coast and learned how to surf. I mean, obviously there’s still time, but still. It’d be really nice right now.

    Keep up the great adventures, Foster.


  • claire
    October 13 , 2011

    my life goal is to learn how to surf and be good at it………grew up in seattle, i’ll maybe move to sanfran or socal when i’m done with all this silly education nonsense

  • October 13 , 2011

    Looks like you’re getting some good use out of that new waterproof housing. Definitely adds a cool element and new challenge. Nice.


  • October 14 , 2011

    I have an aquatech, and unfortunately the setup wasnt cheap. i had been thinking about it a while and decided that now was as good a time as any,

    like that little shit says in point break, “all sorts of dudes your age are learning to surf.”

    Im really pumped to have a new tool to mess around with and learn how to use. this was my first session with it. i cant wait to see what comes of it.

    surfing is great in cold places. i learned to surf in maine!


  • Roger
    October 14 , 2011

    C Street brings back memories of daily surf down South. Up in Portland, OR now but so happy you continue to inspire us with your travels and telling images. I’ll look for your beautiful Volkswagen as I traverse Oregon looking for my own adventures.

  • October 14 , 2011

    thanks for the kind words roger. Oregon sure is a great place to explore. have you made it out east yet? there is some good surfing to be had in oregon too.


  • October 14 , 2011

    You went for the waterproof housing instead of the Fuji X100 then??!!
    Hope it gets plenty of use. You may know this Mickey Smith movie already,shot off the west coast of Ireland. if not look at it. Beautiful shots, words, music surf and great use of WP housing.
    enjoying your travels.

  • October 14 , 2011

    There is nothing i couldnt shoot with a 5d that i could shoot with fuji, but there is tons of shit i couldnt shoot with an underwater housing. thus i went with an aquatech. im amped.


  • October 14 , 2011

    that video is amazing. Mickey Smith recommended the aquatech to me.


  • stephanie
    October 14 , 2011

    It feels like we are all swimming in those shots

  • October 18 , 2011

    Breath taking! Not sure I like the change of seasons, since this looks pretty amazing for October!

  • Mike
    October 24 , 2011

    Home sweet home! If you keep heading south, roll up on Swamies’ Beach in Encinitas.

  • October 25 , 2011

    I was down there. its great. i spent 3 days in encinitas.