September 6, 2011

Chevy van

Call it van envy or perhaps appreciation, but driving down a gravel road headed towards Carbondale, I spotted this beauty, a late 60’s Chevy van, parked at a trailhead.  Having spent the last five years on the East Coast, where regularly salted roads make specimens like this as rare as dreadlocks at an NRA convention,  I quickly pulled a U-y and parked.  As a thunderstorm marched in from the north, I jumped out of my van to take a better look.

The windows were open, the tires low and the body covered in dirt but that’s why I like this van.  Some things look better rode hard and put away wet.

The bumper looks like it has traded paint with the best of them.

Blue, black, white and a shot of rust.

General Motors Company.  I hope to see more like this out there on the road.

Here are some more links,

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  • stephanie
    September 6 , 2011

    those were old when I was in my 20’s

  • stephanie
    September 6 , 2011

    That is not rode hard and put away wet, that is more like regularly excercised and I hope I look that good when I am that old….for argument sake, one human year is 1.6 human years.

  • September 7 , 2011

    If it were, burgundy and in Nevada I would say it might me my grandpa and his hunting buddy. Great pictures.

  • September 8 , 2011

    Looks like Kebler Pass. Just rode through there on my Scrambler a few weeks ago…

  • September 8 , 2011

    your right, it was kebler pass. was the van stlil there?

  • September 14 , 2011

    Haha. No, it had moved on…