December 19, 2013

Coastal Lurking

I pulled off the 101 south shortly after midnight into the small community of Arch Cape.

“I bet if we park in front of an empty house and pop the top, no one will fuck with us.  It’s a Tuesday night and if any one sees us they will just assume we are staying at the house.  Either that or we park on one of the logging roads, but those are mostly gated and the logging trucks get on it early.”

Dozing in and out,  Bryan didn’t respond at first.

“You dead mon?”

“Yess…lets do Jedi mind trick style.  Those logging roads are tough”

“Sounds good to me…”

I rolled down the street in first gear checking the driveways.  Only a few SUV’s populated the driveways of the dozen or so ranch style beach houses.  Picking one on the ocean side of the street,  I pulled into the vacant driveway and turned off the lights but left the engine running.  The motion lights turned on a floodlight that illuminated the driveway but nothing stirred in the house.  The occasional snore emanated from the passenger street.

“Le’s crash, I think  we are Kosher here.”  Opening the driver’s door, I unlatched the pop top and opened the back. Two minutes later and Bryan and I were in my camper setting up our sleeping bags. A light northeast wind tugged at the camper’s canvas pop top as I settled into my sleeping bag.

“I’m setting an alarm for 6:35.”

“Sounds good to me,  we’ll get on it early,” Bryan said switching off the LED ceiling light.

We both were asleep before pillow talk could start.

Caley watching peelers.

Guard dog.

North at sunrise.

Dog walking time.

Trevor’s homemade camper.

Bryan watching the sunrise.

Duly noted.


Cold and glassy.

Vanlife parking on the Oregon Coast.

Waiting of the tide to drop.

“The tide needs to drop a lot.”

Making coffee first thing in the morning.

The thick wetsuit shuffle.

Low tide.

Scotty making breakfast.

Check out more photos from this series on Adobe Revel here.

Calling it a day.

Afraid of raising suspicion with construction workers working on houses on the street,  I woke before the alarm went off and laid in the comfort of my sleeping bag.  I dozed.  The propane heater kicked in and the electric fan whirred.  Looking down at the my iPhone, it was 6:30.

“Bryan,  you ready to rumble?”

“Yah.”  Bryan was awake and looking at his phone as well.

“When’s low tide?”

“Ehh let me check….8:41″

“Perfect. lets get the fuck out of my dodge..”

Jumping out of the camper like Spicoli in Fast Times,  I quickly latched the pop top down before hopping in the driver’s seat.  “We’re home free,” I grinned to myself as we backed up and pulled out of the driveway.  The first suggestion of the sunrise dotted the coastal range to the east as we headed south on the 101.

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  • December 19 , 2013

    Dude! I say it every time but you are killing it. Mad respect, you are an inspiration.

  • Bernie
    December 19 , 2013

    I don’t want to sound like a wet towel, but I’ve been visiing your blog on and off for a few years now. I’ve always found your pictures to be lovely and I admire your courage to leave your job in New York and travel, but it’s been a few years now. Is this it? Driving around, camping and surfing? As lovely as your lifestyle is, it seems a little one dimensional. I think it may have been Freud who said “Love and work are the cornerstones of humanness.” Any thoughts about your life’s work?

  • December 19 , 2013

    thanks for the kind words man.

    you remind me of the other jeffery lebowski in the big lebowski, which makes me the dead beat lebowski..


  • Hammad
    December 20 , 2013

    I’m from India, I have been following you on instagram for almost 18 months now…and you are an inspiration…off and on I think of going out on a year long camping journey all over India…but what stops me is the thought that how will I get the money for that…?? How do you do that…?? Please tell.

  • December 21 , 2013

    We’ve been one dimensional going on five years now. Neither of us feel the need to go back to work, and I have no desire to have sex with my mother.

  • December 21 , 2013

    I do freelance work for companies like Patagonia and Conde Nast. thanks for the kind words,



  • specialopz
    December 21 , 2013

    ever thus to deadbeats lebowski

  • Hammad
    December 21 , 2013

    thank you so much for the reply…stay blessed.

  • Rivrod
    December 21 , 2013

    How’s that story go? The Mexican fisherman and the American businessman, business guy sees talented poor fisherman and suggests he start a business and make millions then sell the business 20 years later for millions.

    fisherman asks what he would do after selling the business. Business guy replies that he would retire to the beach and spend time relaxing and enjoying himself.

    fisherman points out that that’s exactly what he’s doing now just without the millions.

    Oh, and I call B.S. on the Freud quote. He almost certainly never said that shit.

  • December 21 , 2013

    Hey Foster,

    Love your work. Amazing stuff.

    I have a question. How practical is living in a van? Is it generally easy to find places to park at night? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, how much do you spend per month living in your truck?

    Justin Murry

  • Dylan
    December 21 , 2013

    Dude! Where is this beach? It’s totally beautiful. I have family in Oregon and we’d love to pay it a visit!

  • December 22 , 2013

    Thanks for reminding me of that story. Blind ambition is funny thing.

    Living in a vehicle has been a cake walk for me. I grew up backpacking and didnt really car camp that much until i moved into my van. Once you get in the swing of things, you figure out where to park at night. i usually spend as much time as i can in national forest/blm land. when im in a city, i crash in friends driveways or stealth camp in residential areas. as for money it depends on how much i drive. if i hang around one place, i spend a lot less than if im hitting the road.

    A lady never tells, but there are tons of amazing beaches in oregon. just jump on the 101 and look west.


  • Don
    December 22 , 2013

    Isn’t spending 40 hours a week at the same place sort of one dimensional?

    – dnjtr

  • December 25 , 2013

    How do you get your photos looking so clean and crisp? Amazing.

  • Oliver
    December 27 , 2013

    I love your stories and pictures and just checked out the adoberevel. What gear or techniques do you use to get such amazing incredible photos?

  • December 28 , 2013

    Hey Oliver,
    I shoot on a mamiya 6 and use portra film.
    have to agree.