January 30, 2014

Fall into Winter in the Pacific Northwest

For the first time since moving away from Portland in 2006,  I spent the fall and early winter in the Pacific Northwest.  Typically,  I’d headed south when the days shortened and the rain came.  Short, wet days aren’t conducive to living in your car.  This autumn the rain held off, and I hung around, exploring the area that I grew up in.

One of my old stomping grounds.

A timber framed cabin my mom and her partner in crime built in the Columbia River Gorge.

Heating with wood during the cold snaps.

Chelsea at Point Disappointment.

Erosion a few hundred yards from the ocean in a dense forest on the Olympic Peninsula.

Dean stoking the fire on his outdoor wood stove.

Morning in my Four Wheel Camper in Central Oregon.

A cold streak in the Columbia River Gorge.

Everything you need,  nothing you don’t.

36° and misting in  Eastern Oregon.

My dad checking out an abounded house in eastern Oregon.

Looking east from the Cape Horn Trail on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.  For more photos, check out this album, Early January (Adobe Revel).  

Sarah during a break in the storm.

Breakfast nook.

It’s almost February now and  ever so slowly, the days are getting longer.  Tonight it’s supposed to get down toe the teens, I’m in the eastern Sierra.  Living in your car and waking up with sunrise and falling asleep shortly after sunset makes you attentively aware of the seasons and weather.  Maybe its the first snow, or the holidays, but this period of early winter is one of my favorites.

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  • Ethan
    January 30 , 2014

    I love your blog and photos, they have made me look at life in a different perspective. Do you have any tips for someone that is interested in living life on the road?

  • January 30 , 2014

    thanks for the kind words. my first piece of advice would be a question? how long do you want to do it for? will you be making money along the way. Since your home will be a vehicle, its very important to have a reliable one. unless you like spending a bunch of time working on your van and hanging out around mechanics, i wouldnt get a vw. I would recommend a pick up, either a Toyota or a dodge cummins and either a pop top or a canopy that you build out. this will be cheaper in the long run than a vw. I spent 12k in one year maintaining my van. nothing major. just little things here and there.


  • January 30 , 2014

    I love your blog and photos Foster. Your photography has a very unique feel to it. Tell me how much post processing do you do, if any?

    Thanks and more power to you.


  • January 30 , 2014

    I do very little work in post. I shoot portra 400 and because of the chemical process and the fact that i only use two cameras, the photos come out looking pretty uniform.

    thanks for the kind words,


  • January 31 , 2014

    Foster! Hope all is well with you brother. I wanted to tell you that Im going to Portland for the first time in less than two weeks. Any spots you think I shouldn’t miss? Ill be there Sun-Wed. I am most likely moving there in June and am really looking forward to ripping around on my XT500 and checking out some great spots to camp and explore.


  • January 31 , 2014

    Theres so much stuff to see in portland. I’d check out andy and bax and the Portland OUtdoor store.


  • doug
    January 31 , 2014

    Hey Foster,

    Been following you and your blog for a while now, always look forward to the great content your life seems to present!

    That being said, how do you feel your social media use has affected your travels? People always talk about the need to escape into the wilds for a bit and get away from the technological conundrum of daily life, yet you use it with regularity. Ever feel the urge to just dump the social media and enjoy the outdoors without it or have you accommodated it to fit your lifestyle well?


  • February 2 , 2014

    Awesome photos!

  • February 3 , 2014

    hi foster !

    love your photos. what is your camera ?

    great blog

  • February 4 , 2014

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  • damian
    February 6 , 2014

    I came across a blog post a little more than a year ago on thecleanestline. It was a trip from SF (I live in the bay) up to vancouver island. I was totally blown away by the pics, the story, the beauty. I’ve been following your travels ever since. Not long after, I got my first surfboard (a longboard). Then a fish. Then another short board. I get super psyched seeing the places you go and the waves you get to surf. I also love the Bishop area. I usually make 4-5 trips there every winter to go bouldering. (make sure to stop at schatts in bishop. vegetarian sangwich is ridiculous). It’s easy for me to see why you would choose this lifestyle. Keep on doing it and sharing the stories.

    ps what happened to the syncro? that thing was sooo epic. the new rig looks like a tank, but I have a special spot for that syncro!

  • February 9 , 2014

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