October 29, 2013

Farewell to Summer

It always passes quickly. Waking up with the sun at six transitions into seven and then seven thirty. The days shorten on the other end too. Living in your car makes you aware of when the sun rises and sets.  Temperatures retreat below the acceptable level to sleep with just a wool blanket and I grab  a down sleeping bag. Condensation covers the single-pain window of my camper in the mornings.  Parks, that just a few weeks earlier buzzed with tourists in rental Mustangs, empty out. The first fall storms are on the way.  Here are some shots from this summer.

Beach daze in Malibu.

Camping with Jay in the Sierra.

Monsoon season in Arizona.


Maddie and Trevor in the Los Padres.

Shoe quiver.

Wild flowers.

Shades on shades.

Mexican peelers.

Morning in the Mission.

Stoked Grove in Meiners Oak.

Driftwood Fire.

Bryan, Trevor and Cal having dinner.

Ryan Lovelace working on his 1948 Bus.

Marissa stretching in the morning.

Mount Piños.

Lazy mornings.

Mobile changing room.

Ian Durkin on the West Coast.

Standing tough.

Club Med, Lake Tahoe addition with Tahoe Messi and Ian Durkin.

Collection of roadkill skulls at Lloyd Khan’s house in Bolinas.

Bryan making dinner.

I’m ready for winter.

Here are some more links,

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  • ethan
    October 29 , 2013

    good shit Captain Foster…you are finding some serious slices of soul out there. mas viva my friend.

  • Ron
    October 29 , 2013

    I do the 6 months on 6 off thing in Denali, and my dog and I are currently driving/living in a F350 with a big camper shell, but i’m thinking of the flatbed pop up deal, and was wondering what your set up is? I had a 4 wheel camper before this shell and the damn thing fell apart on after just 1 season of alaska to baja. Thanks in advance and look forward to seeing you on the road some where.

  • October 29 , 2013

    This is just wonderful. What an adventure!!

  • October 29 , 2013

    Your photos always move me in such a strong way. I can’t wait for your book! I’ve been following you on IG for a long time and I’m excited to see what you do next. The book layout looks amazing.

  • October 30 , 2013

    The pics are so beautiful!! really really love them :)

  • October 30 , 2013

    my camper was built by four wheel, so far its been amazing and i’ve certainly hammered on it.

    thanks for the kind words. im really excited on the book.


  • Tom
    November 1 , 2013

    Some really beautiful work on this blog. Keep it up!

  • November 3 , 2013

    [...] Farewell to Summer [...]

  • Annie
    November 5 , 2013

    Your pictures have an emotional effect on me and have inspired me to save up and take a year off and travel in the near future.

  • November 14 , 2013

    Fantastic pics and a great summer indeed!! I love the “options” on the food table. I know which one I would’ve picked. ; ) But then I would’ve had to pick all the other options afterwards. HA!!

  • November 15 , 2013

    What beautiful pictures! Instantly obsessed with your blog.