August 16, 2011

First Week

My flight landed at Portland International Airport late Sunday night, a mere 48 hours after my last day of work and, for the first time in five years, I was back in the west with no connection to the Northeast.  With a new-found appreciation for the beauty of my childhood surroundings,  I bounced around the Columbia River Gorge.  For a week, I worked on my Syncro,  caught up with family and made preparations for the first leg of my road trip.

Summer steelhead and my Benchmade Mini Barrage

Looking west down the Gorge.

Full moon.

Just bellow the Bridge of the Gods.

The Columbia River Gorge is just 45 minutes east of Portland.

Salmon lure.

A morning hike on Dog Mountain in preparation for the Goruck Ascent fundraiser for Green Berets. Sponsor me using this form.

The waterfall on the Cape Horn Trail.

My Syncro.

It feels good to be back.

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  • Stew
    August 16 , 2011

    Love that first shot, man. Sucker for fog and dirt roads. They always seem, at least to me, like places I’ve been before and then I wonder if I’m not making it all up. That’s a good weird feeling to have.

    My buddy’s been in PDX for a few years now and has yet to land a steelie. He’s losing his shit.

  • August 16 , 2011

    I was just over in those parts this weekend on one of our “weekly drives to get lost”! I love your pictures.

  • August 16 , 2011

    I caught my first steelhead when i was 10 on the washougal river. i will never forget it. thanks for the kind words,

    the gorge is a great place to get lost. i look forward to doing it a lot more these days,


  • August 16 , 2011

    man, that synchro looks great! possibly the best looking one i’ve seen yet and i used to be a big VW enthusiast. well done!

  • August 16 , 2011

    thanks for the kinds owrds. my syncro is my baby. I am working on an indepth post about her for the Gear Patrol right now.


  • August 17 , 2011

    So glad you are back home and starting the journey! That Benchmade is a pearler! Have you got a stone to maintain the factory edge?

    The Syncro iss looking very money. Adventure awaits mate!

  • August 17 , 2011

    the pictures look great man– already got me looking forward to following this adventure.

  • August 17 , 2011

    I dont have a stone yet. i am going to track one down tomorrow. keeping it razor sharp is a must.

  • August 17 , 2011

    A perfect morning punch in the face to complement my morning cup. Thanks, and keep it up!

  • August 17 , 2011

    Well Foster, seems as if you’re really hitting off a dream of most young men; well done ! Love the first picture as it reminds me of my recent roadtrip in Sweden, I do miss free nature and free fishing; your pics bring back lovely memories. Love the syncro as usual ! I’m looking forward to more and off course : could you post the link here when you’re done with your article on Gear Patrol ? Very interested in it !


  • August 18 , 2011

    Wow, that first image is really beautiful.

  • August 18 , 2011

    I will post a link on ART to the write up on gear patrol.

    thanks for the kind words,

  • August 30 , 2011

    I love that first image. Absolutely stunning!