May 27, 2009

Five Minutes of Sunrise over Great Pond

I woke up to catch the sunrise on Great Pond hours after returning empty handed from an hour long fishing adventure at dusk. Normally I hear the birds chirping and witness the intensifying glow in the east with the same shock and anxiousness of a vampire.

For five minutes I watched the sunrise before retiring my camera and picking up my fishing gear to continue my hunt for a brown trout.

I will never forget the still morning air and fog resting on the lake.

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  • Rebecca Jill
    May 27 , 2009

    Absolutely beautiful!

  • Bules
    May 27 , 2009

    Hey, I saw you on the Urban Outfitters website, pretty cool!

  • Foster Huntington
    May 28 , 2009

    Thank you very much,

  • victoria thorne
    May 28 , 2009

    magnificent. really, really just magnificent.

  • John M
    June 16 , 2009

    wow! great pictures!