July 19, 2011

Foc’sle in Provincetown Mass

I first met Alex in the fall of 2008 after weeks of emails and calls to him asking if we could meet and discus a potential internship with his brand, Rogues Gallery.  I had no design experience but I did have a strong  interest in menswear, a connection with Rogue’s aesthetic and a desire to learn.   Most likely to stop the weekly calls and emails, Alex let me come down from Waterville a few days a week that fall and winter to help with odds and ends around the office.  The seed was planted and based on my exposure  at Rogues Gallery and getting to know people like Daniel Pepice, Jay Carroll and Aaron Levine, my life took a new path.

Alex and I have kept in close contact over the last three years.  When he started at Bean in 2009, I interned and freelanced helping on various projects associated with the launch of LL Bean Signature.  After leaving Maine and moving to New York, I would meet Alex for coffee when he was in town or I was up north.

Alex recently opened a gallery/antique shop called Foc’sle on Commercial Street in the East End in Provincetown, Massachusetts.   Last weekend I drove up to Cape Cod for a photo shoot on a project I am working on for the Anthropologist.  Stopping by one afternoon,  I chatted with Alex for a few hours and poked around Foc’sle.

The shop combines the work of local artists, folk art and nautical-inspired antiques from around New England.  Alex sources most of the antiques like this fish-tail hinged trunk from the 18th century, himself.

Rock Lobster.

Paintings in the walkway.


Portraits of local residents by Mischa Richter.

Atlantic Salmon.

Alex’s trusty spaniel, Ranger.

Visiting Foc’sle reminded me why I decided to hound Alex to give me an internship my junior year of college.  It captures New England.  If you’re ever in Cape Cod,  Foc’sle is well worth a trip to Provincetown to see.

Here are some more links,
Foc’sle (Facebook),
Foc’sle (Picasa).


  • July 19 , 2011

    looks like a great shop. thanks for the heads up.

    (mischa’s photos were hanging in Folk in london, too – they are selling the book. i was blown away when i saw them)

  • July 19 , 2011

    its a great place.

    Mischa’s photos are great. it made me want to shoot medium format film so bad. just like looking at your photos,


  • July 19 , 2011

    I swung by Rogues Gallery for the first time on Saturday. Big fan of the New England style.

  • July 20 , 2011

    which one did you go to, Warf Street? that one is great.

  • July 20 , 2011

    Those tote’s look great! The stories they could tell would be amazing!!!

  • July 25 , 2011

    The story those totes can tell is more than great. They were submerged under the Pacific off the coast of Seattle for 40 years. They were originally meant to carry coal. 10 were salvaged. They all had holes, so we sacrificed one to make the patches. They are really great.

  • July 26 , 2011

    Totally love these images. And that giant cray is outrageous!

  • July 26 , 2011

    […] -Foc’sle in Provincetown is Cape Cod cool. [A Restless Transplant] […]

  • eric
    August 5 , 2011

    Interesting, I didn’t know it was Rogue’s Alex whom also ran Foc’sle… Just came back from Portland last weekend – I always swing by the store when I am there. Is Foc’sle open year round? I can’t imagine trying to fight the one-lane summer traffic all the way out to p-town this time of the year