August 30, 2011


Growing up with  parents  who went backpacking on their honeymoon soured my relationship with hiking as a kid.  I bitched when my dad dragged me on hikes around the Columbia River Gorge and was jealous when my friends went to Mexico for spring break while we went backpacking through the Grand Canyon.   “I just don’t see the point of walking for the sake of walking,” I often spouted on our weekly jaunts.  Huffing and puffing up hills, I fantasized about chairlifts, four wheelers and other painless ways of making my way to the top of mountains.

My early attempts to distance myself from dehydrated meals and Thermarest sleeping pads proved to be futile.  As my teenage insecurities subsided and my attention span lengthened, I founded comfort in cruising along trails through the woods.

After spending a few nights in eastern Oregon, Idaho and Utah,  Tim and I headed towards the mountains and valleys of the Gunnison National Forest.

Slate River Valley, outside of Crested Butte CO.

Outhouses along the Gunnison River.

Avalanche chute.

My Henry lever action .22L.

Ridge top.

Reflection at 11,00o feet.

Stream crossing.

Snowfields above treeline.

Four skips.


Remember Sinkers or Floaters from Most Extreme Elimination Challenge?

For a week, we used the Syncro as a base camp, driving around the seemingly endless single track roads.  By night we  slept around campfires and cooked on propane stoves.  By day we hiked around the numerous mountains and tried to catch fish in the countless streams and rivers.  Change happens fast when you focus on it.

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  • August 30 , 2011

    Your images are beautiful. So dramatic!

  • August 30 , 2011

    thanks alice. this area is breathtaking.


  • August 30 , 2011

    Great stuff, Foster. I get the sense you ain’t missing 650.

  • August 30 , 2011

    No John, I think i made the right decision.

  • August 30 , 2011

    Wow – you make us feel like we’re tagging along. I guess we kinda are. Great reflection shot man.

  • August 30 , 2011

    thanks for the kind words man. im having a blast. the reflection was great. i didnt do it justice.


  • vt
    August 31 , 2011

    Foster, this is amazing- just utterly fantastic. Glad you’re on the journey, and grateful you’re sharing it with us. Really grateful.

  • August 31 , 2011

    I had the same reaction being dragged around in an RV or a car with my brothers and dad. Fond memories of the two week Clark Griswold-style RV trip we took out West in ’88. Reminds me I need to get out into the woods soon. Safe travels and keep up the good work.

  • September 2 , 2011

    You sure did make the right decision. There is so much beauty in those mountains. Just breath taking. And that Henry….got me thinking. I wonder if I could buy one while I’m in the US?

  • September 6 , 2011

    I am sure you could buy one in the us. the question is how would you get it back to AUS?

    get out there man. I went on a three week road trip when i was 8 with my family in northern California. it was great. very inspiring. nothing like family bonding.


  • September 12 , 2011

    oh wow.. your photo’s are absolute amazing..
    Not liking the gun thought.. but the rest is amazig!