February 23, 2009

Harry McCotty and His Rose Tattoo

Harry McCotty is the real deal. During the summer, he is a stone foremen. During the winter, he splits wood in his backyard outside of East Dorset Vermont. Regardless of the season, he wears wool.

Although born and raised in southern Vermont, Harry received formal training as a topiarist in London, England in his early twenties.

Harry got this Rose tattoo during a 5 year stint in traveling throughout Europe in his mid 20s.

Harry manning his hydraulic wood splitter.

Here are some more links,
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  • theselvedgeyard
    February 23 , 2009

    Amazing pics of an amazing character– I love it. You have a great eye.


  • Foster Huntington
    February 23 , 2009

    thanks jp, its easy when you have a cool subject to take photos of.

  • jon
    February 23 , 2009

    is unspeakably awesome.

  • Foster Huntington
    February 23 , 2009

    I was so pumped when i spotted him.

  • Giuseppe Mangiare
    February 24 , 2009

    Great stuff mate. I see from an earlier post of yours that I’ve got the same camera, so really pleased to see what it can do in a capable pair of hands.

    Plaid on plaid just kills it, and is something you never see this far south!

  • Wood Splitter
    February 24 , 2009

    Great Pics, great post keep it up.

  • Foster Huntington
    February 24 , 2009

    I am glad you guys like harry as much as i do.

  • K @ Blog Goggles
    February 25 , 2009

    This guy is great. I posted him/linked to you over on my blog today. It’s not exactly your style, but I really appreciate yours.

    Keep them coming.

  • vegas
    February 28 , 2009

    Dude, 5bucks says you get snatched up by J.Crew for a catalogue shoot…any takers?

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