September 23, 2013

Home Is Where You Park It: Kickstarter Project

I started taking photos of vans and other campers that I came across in my travels in the fall of  2011.   After rationalizing my interest in these campers,  I wrote a post and put together some photos on my blog for a post called Vanlife.  Here’s how it read:

“Not until experiencing something for myself can I really appreciate it.  Call me thick headed, but it’s been true about autumn in New England,  sex, and most recently, camper vehicles, or as I call it, van life.  I purchased my Syncro with no prior knowledge of van life.  Operating on the assumption that I liked the freedom and exploration offered by living out of a van, I committed to trying it out.  A handful of interesting people’s stories of the road reassured me that it was the right thing to do.  Ships of the open road are hard to understand when you’re not sailing them.  Now that I am sailing my own,  I have grown to appreciate the breed of adventurers they attract and the vehicles they drive.”

Two years later, I am just as excited to see a camper parked for the night or hanging out on the side of the highway.  The vanlife hash tag has around 50k tags and I’ve photographed hundreds of campers.   Some of the most inspiring and happiest people I’ve ever met live in there vehicles by choice.  To document their campers and celebrate the notion that living in your car is fun, I’m launching a Kickstarter today to publish a photo book and some other vanlife related swag.  To help with the design of the book, t-shirt and bumper stickers,  I enlisted the help of some friends from Doubleday & Cartwright, a creative studio in New York that makes tshirts, The Victory Journal  and works on special projects for brands like Nike, Puma and Samsung.

The  book is going to be an 11×11 inch square and will have around 125 pages.  We are still finalizing layout and I have to dial in the intro.  It will have an extended intro about my moving into a van, photos of my favorite campers and then a handful of anecdotes of my encounters with fellow travelers. The book is $65 shipped in the US and will be signed by yours truly.

A sample spread with @specialopz‘s Vanagon in Mexico and Ford Econoline Camper near Ventura, California.

A full bleed or two never hurt anyone.

Another sample spread with Nick Dirk’s Van and a VW T2 in Portland Oregon.

Inspired by the 70s art of the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Comics and R Crumb, we made a limited edition pocket T-shirt.  It’s available in sizes Extra Small to Extra Large and comes in heather grey or white. Shirts are $35 shipped in the US.

How do you dress up a t-shirt?  Put a Pocket and a Vanlife/Home Is Where You Park it Logo On It.

Riffing on the similar inspiration as the T-shirt,  we also made a handful of bumper stickers celebrating vehicular dwellers.  Use with discretion though, the square community might object to these. $10 for your choice of one large and one small. Sizes ranging from 13″ to 3″.

Home Is Where You Park It. 13 inches wide and 3 inches for the small one.

I know It Was Somewhere Around Here.  6.5 Inches Wide.

If You Lived In Your Car You’d Be Home Now. 10 Inches wide for the large one and 3 Inches for the small.

Vanlife: Home Is Where You Park It.  3 Inches Wide.

I’m super excited about this project and hope that you will spread the word and support it on Kickstarter.

Here are some more links,

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  • September 23 , 2013


    You still up for being in our book TINY HOMES ONTHE MOVE? I lost track of you in 2012. Your adventures would be a great addition to the book.

    Lloyd Kahn
    Shelter Publications

  • September 23 , 2013

    Left a comment, but I’m not sure it got through. We want to include you in our new book TINY HOMES ON THE MOVE. I lost track of you last year. Can you contact me?

    Lloyd Kahn
    Shelter Publications

  • September 23 , 2013

    I really like what you guys are usually up too.
    Such clever work and exposure! Keep up the good works guys I’ve
    added you guys to my blogroll.

  • September 23 , 2013

    We are extremely excited to see this come to light. Not to mention we love backing people/products from the PNW. Hoping this gets the necessary funding! If you want we would be willing to run a post on our Vanagonlife Instagram feed with your approval. Every little bit helps! Good luck and safe travels!


  • September 24 , 2013

    i sent you an email this morning. id love to be in there.

    i would be pysched if you posted a photo. there will no doubt be a lot of vanagons in it!


  • September 24 , 2013

    Hey buddy!
    Your trip is amazing, and i really respect your brave!

    Me and my cousin did a trip in Austrália and we are sharing on web,
    you can check our material on

    i hope you enjoy!.

    Good lucky!

  • September 25 , 2013

    thanks. your trip looks rad!

  • September 25 , 2013

    Glad to be a backer of your book. Since I follow your blog, I bought a VW bus, loving this life travelling (during my vacation). Can’t wait to see the book !

  • September 25 , 2013

    what kind of bus did you get? thanks for your support.


  • Frosty
    September 26 , 2013

    Hey I just wanted to let you know Nick Dirks has since sold his van to me if you ever need a contact or would like more pics let me know


  • Katharina
    September 27 , 2013

    i just saw your works and fell in love. i wish i could see what you see. your pictures are stunning!

  • September 28 , 2013

    I’ve got a T2 VW, a Devon Cassandra. Made in 1979 it almost hasn’t changed since then, just some trouble this summer with the engine (repairs planned for this winter…).

  • September 29 , 2013

    Hello my good man.
    My name is Abe. I’ve come across your project a few times now.
    First off, well done. I respect your ways!!!
    I work for NOLS..Live out of my Tacoma, travel loads and am an artist. Shortly I’m heading out to walk through parts of South America on a culturally based art project related to the traditional lifestyles and indigenous peoples of the Andes.

    I’ve been starting the networking and am very impressed by your following…do you have any insights or suggestions on reaching the largest audience… I really want to share..and contribute.. that is the primary reason for wanting a wide audience base..,,also curious if you would be willing to have my project as a guest note, or tribute on some of your pages?

    Your insights would be magic.
    Thanks so much man…You’re living a wonderful life!! The Dream!
    Cheer to the wonderfulness of it all.

    Thanks again. | Abe

  • carlo
    October 2 , 2013

    Hi man!

    this is the second time in 3 days i’m commenting your blog :)

    your story really pick me up.

    i wrote about it on this (italian) magazine.

    keep doin, good luck for your book & stay safe!

  • October 4 , 2013

    Congratulations on your book. It looks great.

  • October 5 , 2013

    Hey man your site is great, I’ve been checking it out for awhile now and looking forward to checking out the new book. I’m on the hunt for a van to start my own vanlife.

    Was wondering if you could tell me who designed your site, I really like the design and want something like it for my own travels.


  • October 7 , 2013


    I’m a young french documentary filmmaker and I would like to send you an email about a project I am thinking about…Could you give me you contact ?

    Hope everything is good for you,
    Hope to ear from you soon,

  • Aricia
    October 9 , 2013

    I’ve been a big fan for a while now :) I hope I’ll be able to buy your book here in Europe.
    Anyway you’re a huge inspiration, can’t wait for the day I’ll have my own van to live in.

    I hope you don’t mind my asking, but how do you pay for your travels? Do you work here and there on the road?

    Keep up the great work man, maybe we’ll run into each other in a few years when I’m also exploring the world in my own van ;)


  • jason
    October 11 , 2013

    Are you still selling the sticker pack? Want to try and get a set for my van. Please send an email if they are still available.