May 27, 2014

Home Is Where You Park It!

Months before I left New York and moved into my van,  I spent idle time scouring the Internet and books stores for photos of vans and other campers.  These day dreaming sessions gave way to contemplation and the eventual purchasing of an 1987 VW Vanagon.   More so than any object in my life,  with maybe the exception of a camera,  this van changed my life.  Once on the road,  I became fixated with vans like my own, and other people’s campers and started documenting them.  This gave birth to the Vanlife tag on Instagram and a slew of posts here on A Restless Transplant.

A year and a half or so into my time on the road,  I decided to turn these photos of vans and campers into a book.  Unlike the The Burning House Book, I wanted to publish this myself and decided to use Kickstarter to fund it.  Doing it all myself would be a lot more responsibility but also the freedom to make the book exactly to my specifications.  To help with the design and logistics, I teamed up with some friends from New York that work at Doubleday & Cartwright.   I envisioned an over sized photo book with a focus on producing a beautiful book, more so than a sale-able item.  After six months of design, development and printing, four pallets of books showed up to a warehouse in Bingen Washington and I started signing books and sending them out with the help of my mom and friends.

Out of the 2000 first edition books,  250 are still around.  I’m thrilled at people’s responses to the book and all the support people have given the project,  both during the Kickstarter and after.  It’s surpassed even my best hopes for how the project would work out. I’ve focused primarily on direct sales through my webstore, but a handful of stores will be carrying the book.  I’ll put a list together of stores and locations and post it on my Facebook in the next week or two.

I’m proud of this book and hope that looking at it will get people excited about getting out on the road and traveling.  Order your signed first edition copy here before they are gonzo!

Here are some more links,

Home is Where You Park It (Web Store),

Home is Where You Park It (Kickstarter).


  • Jon Taylor
    May 30 , 2014

    Hey Foster,

    My fiancee and I are taking a road trip starting the first of June til the 13th starting from San Fran up highway 1 to Seattle.

    Do you have any must see spots along the way? I really admire your adventures. Keep up the good work!

    Jonathon Taylor

  • June 3 , 2014

    Theres so much to see on that stretch. Just take a 10 days or so and take your time. you cant go wrong


  • June 5 , 2014

    I haven’t got a chance to read this book. I think I’ll grab a copy next week.

  • mccain
    June 9 , 2014

    love this blog. inspirational and informative. and the simple beauty captured in your pictures fits perfectly. hope to join you out there on the road one day soon…

    – mccain

  • June 10 , 2014

    Great blog. Just found it but can’t stop reading through it. Jealous.

  • Hi Foster
    June 10 , 2014

    I was just wondering why you switched from your syncro vanagon to a Taco? I just bought a Westy myself actually..

  • June 10 , 2014

    thanks for the kind words!

    I wrote a piece on why i switched over here,


  • June 11 , 2014


    I’ve been following your blog for sometime now. I’m living in NY and it’s hard to breathe.
    It’s refreshing and riveting knowing that there are folks like you who live life the way we should.
    Success isn’t defined in terms of money—it’s defined in terms of happiness.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Safe travels!

  • Sean
    June 11 , 2014

    Cool, thanks for the link.. I have been reading about the syncros and although they are awesome, I am glad I have a westy. The cost to maintain is relatively high but it is within reason; i have been doing all the work myself. Planning on moving into it on june 15th when my lease ends here in san luis obispo, ca! let me know if you are ever coming thru.