May 19, 2014

I’m going to Jackson

Google showed two ways to get from the Columbia River Gorge to Jackson Wyoming.  The first, suggested that I take 84 all the way through Oregon and get off at Twin Falls to head over the pass in to Wyoming.   The other, route, had me go down through Madras and then  cut through central and eastern Oregon, eventually crossing in to Idaho near Ontario.  This route added a few hours of total travel but saved countless tedious hours slogging with trucks at 55 MPH in a 75 MPG zone.  I was in no rush and opted for the long route. Leaving on a Monday morning,  I took the familiar route over Mt Hood and dropped in to Central Oregon.  The April weathered oscillated between mid winter and spring as I head east.  Over the passes,  the occasional rain showers turned to snow, giving the feeling that the seasons were changing from winter to spring every half an hour so.

The days were getting longer, with sunrise happening shortly after 5 and setting around 7:30,  traipsing around mountains late in the afternoon felt out of season.  These photos are from 10 days spent chasing snow and hot springs during the last half of April.


Following Alex Yoder’s camper into National Forest for a night of camping.

Lucy, Alex’s constant companion.

Kale waking up in Eastern Oregon.

Warming up at a hot springs.

A view west from Jackson Hole.



Letting the flames die down to start cooking on a cow pie fire.

Lucy Guarding my snowshoes.

The start of mud season in Idaho.

A meet up of fellow travelers in the Jackson Hole parking lot.

The Tetons at sunset.

Hunkered down waiting for the storm to pass.

Sleeping under the stars.

Ala Ansel.

This marks the end of my third winter living in a camper,  I’m ready to dry out and enjoy the longer days.

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  • May 19 , 2014

    Le sigh…so beautiful.

  • Wes
    May 19 , 2014

    Always something super dreamlike about the images and text you put up here. Keep on keepin’ on!

  • May 19 , 2014


    thank you!

    thanks for the kind words,


  • betsy
    May 19 , 2014

    Foss–love the book–just came. We’re ordering 2 more to give to friends. Hope we’ll see you this summer!

  • Sadhbh
    May 20 , 2014

    Love the sparse words and dreamy pictures. Perfection, as always. All the best.

  • May 20 , 2014

    See how beautiful the nature could be…. Jackson is truly a beauty!

  • May 20 , 2014

    so glad you like the book. yours should get there in the next day or two!

    thanks for the kind words,

    Wyoming is a beautiful place. i certainly recommend checking it out.


  • May 20 , 2014

    i love everything about this.

  • May 22 , 2014

    Absolutely captivating impressions! They indicate quite well the enchanting tranquility, vast remoteness and soothing serenity… wonderful!
    Wishing you all the best Foster and may the life on the road (and alongside) never lose its magic… Take care!

  • Stolz
    May 24 , 2014

    Any plans to trip down into Baja this summer?

  • May 26 , 2014

    thinking about heading down there next month,

    thanks for the kind words. I hope it doesn’t lose its magic as well. So far its been the best decision I’ve ever made.


  • Haley
    May 27 , 2014

    Your pictures are amazing! And this looks like such a great adventure!

  • June 6 , 2014

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