June 14, 2011


Every few months I get bogged down with work. Life is all about ebbs and flows and this week is a time of ebbs.

On Friday night, I walked along the West Side highway as a thunderstorm rolled in. Even if it’s just the Hudson, it’s still great to be by the water.

Here are some things that inspire me as of late:

Olives Ahoy: Whole Larder Love,
29 Ways to Stay Creative,
One Trip Pass,
Where Men Win Glory: The Odyssey of Pat Tillman,
Helplessness Blues: Fleet Foxes.
I am planning some trips for the end of June and July. I cant wait to get back on the road.

Here are some more links,


  • Brohammas
    June 14 , 2011

    When I find myself crowded by urban landscapes, I find the top of a building, or a bridge to hang out on. Cures it for couple days.

    I'm not sure there is a real cure for pure wanderlust.

  • Foster Huntington
    June 15 , 2011

    its hard to find a cure for it i think. i will be in Philadelphia in the next few weeks and will drop you a line,

  • Brohammas
    June 15 , 2011

    Please do.

  • GSV JR
    June 15 , 2011

    Second shot here kinda minds me of a Dave Salle painting but without the adolescent erotica. Must be the blue and gray. Or is that grey?

  • leila
    June 16 , 2011

    you've got me dreaming about the zeiss lens now. these photos are awesome and i love the one of the airplane.

  • Foster Huntington
    June 16 , 2011

    GSV JR,
    I never know which one it is and always mess that stuff up. i am dyslexic and barely learned to read, let alone distinguishing between synonyms.

  • Foster Huntington
    June 16 , 2011

    i hate to rain on your parade, but these photos were taking with my sigma 50mm f1.4 its a slick lens as well.

  • Marinka
    June 16 , 2011

    those are great pictures. I like the sky and the landscape, they match well together

  • Christine
    June 17 , 2011

    I miss walks along the Hudson. And it's good to escape the city–especially in the summer.

  • flwrjane
    June 18 , 2011

    Brought to you by an afternoon with….

    Loving your journey.

    June 22 , 2011

    Foster, I have just stumbled across your blog via "An Afternoon With" whi … your photography is so inspiring.
    I live in a beach side suburb in Australia,I'm longing for a much more Urban existence !!!

  • Anonymous
    June 28 , 2011

    "just the Hudson"– learn some history, kid.

  • Helmstyle
    July 2 , 2011

    Beautiful shots around, especially the bridge and the sun…