July 17, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Just over a year ago,  I flew from New York to Reno and met a new friend.  Waiting in the baggage claim,  I first saw her making loops around the football sized loop.  Her throaty exhaust cut through the top 40 hits and whirring air conditioning.  I have never been so eager for my backpack to come off the conveyor.  Since picking her up that morning in July,  I have slept over 320 nights in her fold-down bed. It’s been the best year of my life. Here are a collection of my favorite shots of her from the last year.

Mojave Desert, CA.  November 2011.

Big Sur, CA.  December 2011

Lost Coast, CA.  September 2011.

Mexican Hat, Utah. April 2012.

Gunnison National Forest, CO.  August 2011.

Crater Lake, OR.  September 2011.

Pescadero, Mexico. February 2012.

White Salmon, WA. August 2011.

Northern Arizona.  May 2012.

Through the breakdowns, hundreds of tanks of gas and 37k miles,  she’s been a great ride and worth every cent I spent on her.  Thanks for supporting me along the way.

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  • July 15 , 2012

    Congrats!! It’s been a pleasure following the blog. :)

  • Courtney Lancour
    July 17 , 2012

    Congratulations :) and your photos are beautiful as always!

  • July 17 , 2012

    thank you courtney.


  • July 17 , 2012

    thank you Luis. i appreciate your support.


  • July 17 , 2012

    they say a dog is man’s best friend

    but i say a van

    is man’s best friend

    especially if it is a surf van.

    bravo. felicidades on your anniversary

  • July 18 , 2012

    Thanks for the kind words, my van has certainly turned into one of my best friends.

  • Felix
    July 18 , 2012

    That’s awesome, man, congrats! Here’s to another year.

  • July 18 , 2012

    thanks man. I dont think i’ll give up vanlife anytime soon.


  • Wes
    July 18 , 2012

    This is great Fost, a year goes by fast. Where does the road take you now that the book is out?

  • July 18 , 2012

    Thanks man. I’ve been spending more time on the california coast cruising around and surfing. Im making preparations to take my travels to other countries and working with people that inspire me.


  • Cal
    July 18 , 2012


    Began following your blog in the last year.

    3 months ago I bought a ’77 VW Hightop. Right now I am in Northern Arizona in the middle of a 5000 mile venture from my home in BC, Canada.

    Consider yourself inspiring and appreciated.


  • July 18 , 2012

    sounds like an epic trip. I love those hightops. what kind of gas millage are you getting? I’ve been eyeing those for a while.

    thanks for the kind words,

  • July 18 , 2012

    Well congratulations brother! You’ve been an intrepid man of adventure for this last year and I bet it will shape you for the remainder of your years. You’re a brave man to do put everything aside and do what you dreamed of. I commend you for that.

  • Cal
    July 19 , 2012

    It really depends on the wind :D [seriously though]

    I would say it’s pretty average for a fuel injected, probably around 17-18 depending on conditions. It is definitely a blessing to have the constant high roof though. From more storage to rainy night dance parties, it’s been a welcome addition to all my trips …and it looks completely hilarious.

    You didn’t happen to be in Northern Arizona… Around 2 days ago did you? Swear I saw a beige Syncro with a black front and absurdly loaded roof racks pulled over on the 160.

  • July 19 , 2012

    thanks Rohan. means a lot to me. seeing you blog made me reevaluate the life i was living in nyc. your images are beautiful and the stories get at a lot of what I was missing in my city life.


  • July 19 , 2012

    I was not. ive been on the california coast for the last month or so. I love it over there though. as soon as it cools down, ill be making a mission over there.

  • July 24 , 2012

    happy anniversary! and I want one, too!:)

  • July 26 , 2012

    I was skating Burnside when you guys were there. I didn’t see the photos,
    I hope I will !

    Have fun, safe travels

  • July 27 , 2012

    New to the blog.

    your girl is so photogenic.

  • July 29 , 2012

    awesome and congratulations!

  • Roger
    July 31 , 2012

    Does this mark the end of your travelogue? If so, best of luck to you in your future travels, following your blog has been a retreat and an inspiration.


  • August 2 , 2012

    Congratulations! I bet this year has seemed like a lifetime, or a life changer. I suppose they’re the same thing really as each day is a new start.

    A great selection of photos too. The landscape in the States sure is varied! I hope to be able to head on out and explore it one day.

    Emily x

  • August 5 , 2012

    Some incredible shots of the journey so far. Jealous, man. Any plans of “working” again or will you continue travelling?

    All the best,

  • August 5 , 2012

    amazing, really inspiring. what a year ay