January 17, 2012

Southern Oregon Coast

The southern Oregon ccoast feels like no other part of the Northwest.  From Portland,  it takes five hours to get there along I-5 south with a cut through the coast range near Eugene.  Take the 101 from Tillamook or Seaside, and you’re looking at seven hours of winding road reminiscent to the 1 in California.   Because of this remoteness, the area gets limited visitation in the summer and in the winter, well its all but a ghost town.   Think of it as Twin Peaks with a few bags of meth borrowed from Deadliest Catch, and without the cute girls.

After a few weeks of the Pacific Northwest’s signature rain and gloom,  I headed south along the coast on my way to California.  Like most Oregonians,  I grew up spending weekends during the summer playing on the rugged northern beaches of Short Sands and Canon Beach.  My knowledge of the coast goes from good to nonexistent around Lincoln City.  With my buddy, Spencer Phillips, sitting shotgun, we worked our way down the coast searching for waves and views in the heart of winter.



Ripping a few hundred yards out.

Late night.


Locs only, bro.  These gulls hold it down.

Dodge Rampage.

Sometimes slide film has a mind of its own.


Deers,  beware.

Holding it down.

Sunrise with Portra 160 and an Olympus XA on January 7th.

Traveling is always best in places that you don’t know that well.  The parks were empty save for a few dog walkers and retirees in their RV’s.  If you ever get the opportunity, head to this part of the country.  Bring your surf board,  there are plenty of waves.

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  • January 17 , 2012

    Keep an eye out for Windom Earle.

  • stephanie
    January 17 , 2012

    the pics look washed out on my screen…..

  • January 17 , 2012

    I’ll do my best

    its with film. one of the rolls came out a little weird…


  • January 18 , 2012

    Awesome shots of the antlers. That’s my kinda shed.

  • January 18 , 2012

    its a killer shred. a lot of deer represented there.

  • January 18 , 2012

    southern oregon sounds like my kind of place. i’m also thoroughly enjoying your film photos : )

  • Eli
    January 18 , 2012

    Seems like a lot of going back and forth between Cali and Washington… Are you planning on hitting up the rest of the US or South America?

  • January 18 , 2012

    you have to check it out. its great. im glad your enjoying them your shots were an inspiration for me to start shooting film.

    im heading mexico soon.

  • Tim
    January 19 , 2012

    I have been enjoying your blog for a while, it is beautiful! I’m moving to Portland this summer, and I’m making a month long trip criss crossing the country. The Oregon coast is one of the places I am so excited to experience. Your photo’s make it even stronger.

    Best of luck with your travels.

  • January 19 , 2012

    I love these photos, such nice colors!

  • January 20 , 2012

    youre going to love the oregon coast. its a very special place.

    im shooting film a lot more these days and their color is really hard to beat.


  • January 25 , 2012

    I was wondering if these were film! I usually have a pretty good eye for distinguishing between film and digital, but I thought to myself, “Nah, most of these posts have all digital photos…” nice to know I was right!

    What beautiful shots. I hope I get around to traveling through that area sometime.

  • January 26 , 2012

    thanks Molly.
    Im going to try to include as much film as possible in these posts.