June 30, 2014

Spring in the Northwest

The gap between sunny days shortened.  Daylights savings came and passed without incident as spring finally a rived in the Pacific North West.   Passing the time before summer,  I bounced between the coast and mountains. Here are a collection of photos shot from March to the end of May in Washington and Oregon.

Hollowing out a Doug Fir.


Howling at the moon.

Cherry Blossoms in South East Portland.

A double rainbow at The Cinder Cone.

Volvo 240′s kick ass.


Slicing up a home grown turkey.

Nick Dirks, Scotty Wittlake and Alex Burton lounging at Pacific City.

Early spring in the Gorge.

Waking up by covered in dew.

Parked on the 101.

Frying up some potatoes.

Showing Tucker Cape Horn

Downing a Doug Fir by hand.

Dean and Marie’s bacon pigs.

Lucy look out towards Manzanita.

Ned trimming the beams for the decking of the tub.

Ned and Alex tending to the wood burning tub’s fires.

Scotty Witlake’s 4×4 Chinook Camper on the Oregon Coast.

Looking up the mouth of the Klickitat River from Mosier, Oregon.

The tried and true Toyota truck and a canopy. 

For more photos from this time check out, thecindercone.com, a tumblr I started to document the building of two tree houses and a skatepark on a hill top in the Columbia River Gorge.

Here are some more links,

The Cinder Cone (Tumblr),


  • June 30 , 2014

    Always love your photos so much. Never let down. This set is gorgeous as always. I need to get back up north!

  • June 30 , 2014

    Thank you Amanda! the PNW is a pretty special place


  • Franko
    June 30 , 2014

    Gorgeous – a very appropriate word.

    I’m cycling down from Vancouver to San Francisco with a group of friends this August via the Oregon coast, then a train to Chemult before climbing Crater Lake and then heading to Lassen volcanic park. We would absolutely love to meet you (and see the van rig!) if that were ever possible.

  • Klemens
    June 30 , 2014

    You are clearly living the dream!
    Keep the pictures coming!

  • June 30 , 2014

    Nice dude. The gorge wins this time of year.

  • June 30 , 2014

    Sweet Photos! Hope everything is going well.

  • July 6 , 2014

    so beautiful. the scenery and your photos.

  • July 21 , 2014

    Hey Foster,
    Always loved your photography, I’ve started a photo blog but was wondering how you manage to get a “film camera” look on the photos you’ve taken on the Canon 5D MKII, I’ve recently got a Canon 60D and can’t seem to get the same style as my film camera.
    Thanks and keep up the great work