May 10, 2012

The Burning House Revisited

A year ago I started asking my friends what they would take with them if their house was burning.  As an example of what I envisioned the photos looking like I sent around a post I did here.  A few weeks later,  I launched as a home for these images and hopefully others submitted by friends and people I didn’t know.

Within a week the site had grown larger than I ever could have imagined.  Submissions were coming in from around the world.  It was wild to see people responding to an idea and question that I thought had merit.

Despite appearing to be about objects, The Burning House is a project about people told through their most cherished possessions.  When I first thought about what I would take,  I included all sorts of stuff that at the time I felt was important.  Jeans,  A Rolex watch,  my iPhone.  Now after leaving New York, hearing answers to the question from thousands of people and living in a van for the last nine months, my material priorities have changed a lot.

I hope that Burning House has prompted other people to consider what is important materially to them.


Name: Foster Huntington

Age: 24

Location: Mexican Hat, Utah

Occupation: still working on that


  • A few rolls of undeveloped film from the last week of my travels including the half-shot one in my Contax t2
  • The keys to my VW Syncro

For more photos from people around the world and info about the upcoming book that comes out July 10, head over to

Here are some more links,

The Burning House Book,

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  • beth nelson
    May 10 , 2012

    i hope while you are in mexican hat, you will head up the road a piece to muley point.

    it is nearby and just about the most beautiful part of the monument valley that exists.

    i’ve buried my best friend’s ashes there, and his mother…two travellers and photographers, who understood art and beauty.

    i’ve enjoyed your blog immensely.


  • Jack
    May 11 , 2012

    Dude, I love this dude.

  • May 11 , 2012

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  • May 12 , 2012

    Muley point is great. i love that part of the country. glad you like my blog,

    thanks man. glad you like it.


  • d b
    May 14 , 2012

    Great Great site!! Really!
    I have been many of the same places on your blog. Great photography!!
    I live up in Humboldt County CA, I love the “Lost” photos. I have hiked in there many many times. Great right point and there are giant Abalone just south of there. I also thought it was respectful of you not to mention its name. Keep up with the travels!
    If you are ever up in Humboldt again stop Moonstone grill and tell them you are looking for Derek (the surfer guy up the hill). Come by for a surf, we can drink a few beers and we’ll pound some abs for dinner!!

  • May 15 , 2012

    Arcata holds a special place in my heart. I love humbolt and all of the lost coast. Its my favorite part of California. Minus the weather haha. Next time i’m up there. ill track you down. some abs sound great.