July 26, 2011

Through Doors

Walking into people’s homes is a look into their lives.  Over the last few months I have been spending more time visiting people at their homes, photographing the things they would take if their house was burning.  In addition to photographing their things,  I always snap a few shots of their interiors to test the light.  At first,  I didn’t realize that I was taking this very similar photograph over and over again.  I guess people like certain images.  Here are some photos I have shot in the last few months through these open doors.

A look at Jimmy Fountaine’s, a snowboarding buddy turned hotshot fashion photographer, stacks of negatives at his West Village apartment.

The ladder up to the roof at Jen Turner’s, architect and furniture designer, Brooklyn home.

A look into Sandra Wijnberg’s, private equity wizard , Berkshire Mass home.


Having a structured visual format helps me distinguish what’s actually different.  Although these photos are shot in a very similar way, they all feel very distinct.  It happened subconsciously, but I’m going to run with it.  It’s funny how habits arise.

Here are some more links,
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  • July 26 , 2011

    Love these.

  • July 26 , 2011

    thanks man. the new tumblr looks great.


  • July 26 , 2011

    “Having a structured visual format helps me distinguish what’s actually different.” I’m going to write that one down – good stuff, Foster.

  • July 26 , 2011

    thanks brian. despite being very ADD, i need a little bit of order to understand things.


  • July 27 , 2011

    Are these slated to be published somewhere? I’d love to see more of Saundra Wijnberg’s home- that sneak peak leaves me wanting more.

    Huge fan of the blog.


  • Sandra
    July 28 , 2011

    Hi Foster- I am always so proud when you include pics of the AF house- it is a special place to me and I’m glad it inspires you too. Miss you.

  • July 28 , 2011

    i may just have to shoot more photos of sandra’s home. its beautiful. amazing house and amazingly decorated.

    its very inspiring. id love to have a place like it someday,

  • Clara
    July 29 , 2011

    I love the ladder and the organization of the second pic.
    Btw, I’m thinking of submitting a post to your burning house blog, which I knew today, I just don’t find that many things to take and I’ve always seen myself as a really materialist girl.

  • July 29 , 2011

    glad you like the organization in the second pic. the ladder is amazing and had hooks on the wall where it hung when not in use. please submit a photo to the burning house. you dont have to save a lot of things. the less you take, the more impactful each one is.


  • Matina
    August 11 , 2011

    Wow do I love those pictures. Not sure why but that is often best, not knowing why looking at a certain image just hits you right in the….? Gut, spirit, soul, you choose.

  • August 16 , 2011

    Love how inspiring that is. I love how everyone’s homes are so different.