November 16, 2011


Like live canaries in a mine,  a high concentration of vans in an area suggests good things.  Adventure,  free spirits and exploration.  Parked on side streets, some of these vans lay waiting for a long weekend or a the occasional road trip.  For others,  these streets provide a safe harbor away from the watchful eye of the area’s finest.  They all dream of the open road.

Portland Oregon has a lot of vans.  Over the last few weeks,  I have been stopping and snapping shots of vans that catch my eye.  Here are some of my favorites.

Red stripe.

Syncro love.






Tiger style.

Business in the front,  party in the back. Mullet.

Syncro love.

There is a lot of green going on here.  Both outside and inside I’d wager.

Fall Colors.

Two tone.

Mobile command station. VanRAD

To celebrate vans like these and the notion that, “Home is where you park it,” I have started a new tumblr called #vanlife. #Vanlife will be composed of my van shots and submissions,  so if you have a van or  see a one or another ship of the open road, take a picture and submit it here.

Here are some more links,

#vanlife (tumblr),

#Vanlife (picasa).


  • dan
    November 16 , 2011

    on the look-out.

  • November 16 , 2011

    gotta stay vigilant in the search for vans

  • November 16 , 2011

    You are so lucky – maybe wrong choice of word – rather ‘wonderful for choosing’ to spend your life the way that you do! I love all the vans, doubt there’s a lot in my part of Australia to look out for though, we have utes!

  • November 16 , 2011

    There are some killer vans in Australia that you cant get in the states. specifically all of the japanese ones. I have a thing for 4wd ones like Toyata Hiaces and Mitsubishi Delcia’s. they are killer. some day i will have one imported from your neck of the woods or from canada. keep a look at. thanks for the kind words. the best thing about #vanlife is that its not exclusive. traveling can be cheep. vans facilitate that.

  • November 18 , 2011

    Foster, you’re last few post have shown a change in your writing style…much more straight-forward, efficiently descriptive. Nice work, as always. Stay safe out there.


  • November 18 , 2011

    I have been reading more on the road and have been trying some new things. thanks for the support,

  • November 21 , 2011

    i love all of the bright colors. the van photos look especially nice with the fall leaves. really pretty.