February 8, 2011


I arrived home in the beginning of January to forgotten Christmas trees, empty Fresh Direct boxes and mountains of garbage along the streets of Manhattan. In the Northeast, the holidays aren’t half-time in the scheme of winter but merely the first quarter. A constant cycle of heavy snowfall and subsequent rain and thawing sets the tempo. Without this baseline of uncomfortable weather, the occasional sunny day in the 40s would be taken for granted.
Here are some of my my photos taken in the last month, during my first winter in New York.
Candy cured bacon.
Newspaper, Columbus Ave.

My Aunt and Uncle’s fireplace in Bala Cynwyd.

Bloody Mary, Peels.

Snow day, Central Park.

Street meat malfeasance.

Allusions to Maine.

Drinks in Williamsburg

A warm day in the East Village.

Yours truly. My friend Alexxa took this photo.

Farmers Market.

Another snow day in Central Park.

At the warm points in the thaw and snow cycle, spring feels right around the corner. The next storm dashes these hopes. We still have two more months left. Now you can call it halftime.

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  • neaststyle.com
    February 8 , 2011

    Great photos Foster! They really capture the feeling of New York in the winter.

  • Foster Huntington
    February 8 , 2011

    thank you. new york is pretty special in the winter. i miss rural winters though,

  • Don
    February 8 , 2011

    Nice work on the ACL post.

  • Foster Huntington
    February 8 , 2011

    thanks don, it was fun to shoot. coggins is one of my good friends.

  • Chrissy.M
    February 10 , 2011

    where is that bacon from? it looks amazing

  • Foster Huntington
    February 10 , 2011

    a restaurant in fort greene bk.

  • BoTyz.com
    March 7 , 2011

    Awesome pix.