5AM on the 4th of July

Copious amounts of Redbull and Vodka made the night leading up to my favorite holiday very long. I tried in vain to sleep at 1:30. After three hours of rolling over, drinking water, and frequent trips to the bathroom, I climbed out of the crowded bed, grabbed my camera and went on a four mile walk.

Record rainfall in June raised water levels and created the perfect breeding conditions for mosquitoes. A cloud of twenty potential carriers of the West Nile Virus followed me around like a lingering fart.

I really liked this stone wall. It had to be a few hundred years old.

On my four mile jaunt I digressed from buzzed to hungover and covered in flattened mosquitoes. Despite a throbbing headache, the beautify of the red dawn kept me smiling and inspired.

Two hours and hundreds of mosquito bites later, I crawled back in bed exhausted and thoroughly satisfied after seeing one of the most beautiful sunrises of my life.

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5 AM on the 4th of July,