Back in Maine

After a 3 month hiatus, I am back in the great state of Maine, or as I like to call it, "the deep south of the far north," wearing overalls and exploring the coast. Unfortunately, the collegiate calender revolves around the the more grim portions of the year, so that the majority of my time is spent with ice in my nostrils and wool socks on my feet.

Maine in the summer is amazing. After spending the last week exploring the coast, driving up Route 1, and running around warm nights in Portland's Old Port District, I see why so many people escape from North American cities and suburbs to this beautiful state
Emma manning the wheel of the rubber duck.

While exploring a small island in Casco Bay, I spotted this puppy playing with bugs on a small dock. She was adorable.

For the next week or so, this tent will be my primary residence.

These immature Black Backed Gulls' mother left them to fend for themselves. RIP.

The harsh changes in Maine's weather are apparent everywhere you look. I really like the weathered wood on this dock and the framing around Emma's dog, Periwinkle.

Lobster boats like this one are the backbone of the Casco Bay region. Low lobster prices are hurting the area.

Spending three months in New York gave me a new found respect and appreciation for sunsets unobstructed by sky scrapers, a clear view of the stars and the hum of lobster boats' diesel engines traps at 5am. I am excited to be back in Maine.

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