Changing Seasons: Summer

I love season changes. They keep me honest and remind that there are things out of my control. On August 15th, I moved my carload of personal possessions into my new apartment and stopped by the deserted Colby College campus to take a new picture. It was 95° and my gingham shirt stuck to my back as I threw up my Vans Era with my left hand and photographed it with my right hand.

My LL Bean Bucks overlooking a the Colby Quad on chilly fall afternoon in mid October.

My Paul Smith Canvas Sneakers overlooking two feet of packed snow on the Colby Quad in mid January.

My Common Projects overlooking the Colby Quad in late April.

My Vans Eras flying over the Colby Quad on a hot a humid day in mid August.

I have all four seasons now which means that I am quickly approaching the one year mark with A Restless Transplant. Time flies...

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