A Wall in my Room

I am always on the lookout for antiques, books, memorabilia, and clothes to decorate my room. These pieces tell a story and inspire me. It is a work in progress. Some mornings I wake up and move or add something, only to take it down the following evening.

A Maine National Bank money pouch. I love the stitching of letters and the repair stitching on the zipper.

An old wooden picture frame. I like how its not square and has varying grain densities.

An 81 year-old Maine license plate. I like its colors and font and also like to postulate about its story and the car it belonged to. It is fun to imagine what Maine was like in 1928.

A printed water color of Brant Point Lighthouse on Nantucket.

A small crutch made from one piece of wood. Judging by the nails I'm guessing its from the twenties or thirties.

A piece of driftwood from Emma's house on Lake Champlain. I like its shape.

I have deliberately left space to add more pieces and will post about my wall's progress from time to time. Right now I am in the process of picking my own prints to decorate the wall.

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