Have Truck, Camper, Three Motor Cycles and Two Cars, Will Travel

Waterville, Maine is an hour from Portland, an hour from the coast and an hour from the mountains. Normally I see three major demographics of cars on the highway: the SUV with Connecticut tags and a prep school bumper sticker (wealthy college student), the pickup truck with a gun rack and rusted fenders (true Mainer), and the hybrid with Obama and Co-exist bummer stickers (liberal, elderly Bostonian in exile). Every once in a while I see something that defies my stereotypes.

On the way to the beach on Sunday I spotted a yellow blob on the horizon. As we drew closer, the blob turned into a truck, a camper, three motorcycles and two cars. Truck in the front, camper/party in the back.

I love how the yellows match. Note the sun awning, and storage underneath and behind the camper.

This guy can go and live anywhere with the toys. He represents the ultimate in mobility in a time when more people are locking themselves into suburban lives dominated by mortgage payments and Saturday morning soccer practice.

The happy camper himself.

This guy likes his toys.

Not everything has to be 80 years old, made by a company with heritage, or exclusive to wealthy people. Instead, inspiration comes from individuality and uniqueness. I don't know where he was going or what his story was, but he looked happy as a clam in his setup heading for the open road.

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