A Wall in My Room: Part 2

Used things have stories more dynamic and textured than anything bought in a store on black Friday. They may be harder to find and have problems, but this only adds to their story. Here are some of my favorite used things that I have found over the last few months.

I picked up these white bucks at the Kiwanis in Ann Arbor this summer. The Longwings are my tried and true Ralph Lauren's. I found this trading blanket at a yard sale for 8 dollars. Somewhere along the line, pink edging was sewn on to protect frayed edges.

Rust and white.
I got these overalls at Stock Vintage. They are from the 30's and have decades of blood and grease worn into the denim.
I found this flag at a flea market near my school. It's now displayed front and center. Red, White and blue.
This holiday season, find gifts that tell stories.