Meandered West

After three weeks in Colorado backpacking with my brother and taking part in the Goruck Ascent,  I picked Dan up in Fort Collins.   Stopping at Safeway to fill the cooler with food for four days and topping of the gas and water tanks at a Cheveron, we headed west.  Driving with little urgency, we stayed off I-80 and made our way a few hundred miles per day.

Remnants of a forest fire.  Bumfuck, Nevada.

Eureka, Utah.

A normal fault in Nevada.

Fishing in Colorado.

Teepees in Nevada.

Sunset off of US-50.


Burning daylight.

At $5, this Magna will be a prime hill bomber and ornament for my Safari rack.  Yours truly in Eureka, Utah.

In search of 3g service, we cruised up dirt roads to the top of hills.

Those are the mountains above Salt Lake City in the background.

This horse did not.

Target practice.

Plotting our trip by attractive sections of BLM and National Forests, we marched through Colorado, Utah and Nevada.  In the evenings, we pulled off on dirt roads and drove up into the hills in search of a level section with a view to park the Syncro.   Always in keen  for a river to fish in or a mountain to hike, we stopped frequently and often backtracked.  In short, we meandered west.

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