Out of Reception

Following an ongoing theme here on A Restless Transplant, I have a new tumblr I am updating called Out of Reception.  The project started a few years back with photos taken on my iPhone.  From there, it evolved into my Instagram (@fosterhuntington) feed.  The lack of shareability of Instagram photos with none iPhone users prompted me to build a new site to house them.  In addition, I am taking more photos on my year long trip than I know what to do with.  A lot of these photos work their way in to stories here on ART, but some of these orphans need another home.

Out of Reception is a home for these orphan photos and a selection of my Instagram feed.  The format is simple; a photo and a location.

 Elk Lake, OR.

Crater Late, OR.

Updated a few times a day,  Out of Reception will be an on going and much more immediate documentation of my trip.  If you're on Tumblr or into RSS,  go ahead and follow it.  It's a fun medium for me to mess around with.  Also, for all things ART, check out the facebook page here.

Here are some more links,

Out of Reception (.com),

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