From the LL Bean Archive

Ruth Porter swipes her fob and types in a four digit access code. The mandatory white gloves absorb the sweat from my palms as I grip my heavy Canon. The air-tight door opens with a sound like the popping of a can of Pringles. The stale air, erie tangerine light, and all-white surroundings make me feel like I am preparing to negotiate with Hal for the survival of the human race, not go play in LL Bean's Art and Archives department.

These go for around 25 dollars on Ebay for an original one. They are also available here on Google books.

Special Pipe Tobacco for Hunters and Fisherman.

A lunch box and leather case from the 40's.

Geese decoys from the 30's.

For her, Manolo Blahnik originally purchased at Barneys in 1978 by Leon Gorman himself.

They even have triple stitching, good luck finding these.

I felt like a guy from CSI taking photos of these Vibram soles with my huge camera and flash.

For him, Bean Boot Roller blades from the mid 90's.

A collection of LL Bean knifes including a Gerber from my home town.

Fishing reels from the 20's on.

This was one of my favorites, A Hamilton, mechanical pocket watch from 1962 in mint condition.
A matchbook protector from the 50's.

LL's office chair.

LL Bean's stamp that Mr. Bean used at the bottom of the introduction of the old catalogs.

Visiting the LL Bean Arts and Archive was the highlight of my day. I could have spent weeks in there and I am sure we just skimmed the surface. Max posted a bunch of vintage footwear on All Plaidout. Check back in tomorrow to see clothes from the Archive.

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