Trip to the Danner Factory Store

I have always heard that Japan gets all of the cool stuff, but never believed it. A recent visit to the Danner factory store, in Portland Oregon, confirmed what I had hitherto denied.

In search of a new pair of boots at a bargain price, I headed to the Factory Seconds part of the store. Nestled on the lowest self, I stumbled across these two pairs of Japanese only Mountain Light II Hiking boots.

Danner Japan boots come in varying leathers and sole options unavailable in other markets. For example, the Mountain Light II Hiking boot only comes with the a Vibram Kletterlift sole in American but the Japanese market can decide between the Kletterlift and Laramie slip resistant sole (like on the Red Wing 875).

According to the Danner saleswomen, Danner Japan shoes (abreveated to DJ) are so exclusive, that even Danner employes can't order them. In addition, these shoes are only made in sizes 6.5-10 US, well smaller than my foot. So sadly, I will never be able to get an official pare of Mountian Lights with a crepe sole in size 12...

However, For 90 dollars, Danner will rebuild a boot with the a Vibram sole of your choice. This means, that if some one is deadset on getting a Mountain Light with a crepe sole, they can buy the standard Mountain Light with the Kletterleft sole and then have it resoled with a Laramie crepe sole for 90 dollars. Maybe I will do that to mine some day...

The Mountain Light II in Black, Avaliable only in Japan 6.5 to 10 US

The Mountain Light II in Tan Suede, Avaliable only in Japan 6.5 to 10 US