BBQ from the South

Few things are more gluttonous, and thus more American, than eating a pound of meat or a rack of ribs. BBQ and cheap beer fueled our odyssey to find the American dream like the 87 octane unleaded gasoline that powered our 2003 Yukon XL. We plotted our stops to coincide with lunch specials at BBQ restaurants throughout the south, with the hope of finding the perfect plate of meat. Our quest for marinated meats led us to the ghetto of Knoxville and the backwoods of South Carolina. At each stop, I photographed my orders.

Hickory Smoked Barbque, Knoxville Tennessee where a pulled pork sandwich was a steep $2.75.

I prefer dry rub BBQ to messy wet rubs like this plate of BBQ.

Luella's BBQ, Ashville North Carolina. Some of the best ribs I have ever had.

10 minutes later.

JB's Smokeshack, John's Island South Carolina, located twenty minutes outside of Charleston. This place was unbelievable. Hands down the best BBQ we ate on the trip.

This is what buffet looked like. All you could eat for 8 dollars. Needless to say I went back twice.

Maryland Fried Chicken, Little River South Carolina.

I cant wait to have more.

The voyagers in a food-induced coma.

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Portraits from the Roadtrip

I love taking pictures of people. On my road trip I had the opportunity to take a bunch of photos of my fellow voyagers and random people that caught my eye. Thanks for letting me put my camera in your face.

Unknown, Lancaster Pennsylvania

Christ Stonerook, Eastern Tennessee

Edge Trullinger, Smokey Mountains, Eastern Tennessee

Mike Panzer, Knoxville Tennessee

Bruce Hallett, Smokey Mountains, Eastern Tennessee

Bruce Hallett, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Unknown, Charleston South Carolina

Edge Trullinger, Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Bruce Hallett, Charleston South Carolina

Mike Panzer, Gettysburg Pennsylvanian

Chris Stonerook, Charleston South Carolina

Bruce Hallett, Knoxville Tennessee

Foster Huntington (Self Portrait), Gettysburg Pennsylvania

Edge Trullinger, Bristol Tennessee

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Doors from the South

Porta Potties At Bristol, right near where we tailgated. After the race, they littered the parking lot like empty packages of hot dogs.

An entrance to a mechanic in the M.L.K. district of Charleston South Carolina.

An abandoned freezer truck at Bowen's Island Restaurant in South Carolina.

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Mr. Williams and His Pink Suit

I met Mr. Williams in Charleston. I loved his pink suit and his facial expressions.

Originally from New York, Mr. Williams told us that he met Muhamid Ali once and that Ali complemented him on his style.

Even his tongue matched his outfit.

Pink "Gator'" shoes as he called them.

He reminded me of the Mayor in "Do The Right Thing," offering sage like advice to all.

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