Walk Outside

I don't have class on Tuesday and Friday. Normally, I go down to Rogues Gallery for my Internship, but this week they don't need me. On Tuesday, it was a balmy 25 degrees and bluebird in Waterville, so I decided to don my favorite outfit (pictured below) and go out and wonder.

Here are some things I saw on Tuesday that caught my eye and help describe the state of things in central Maine.

It never stays cold enough in the Northwest to salt the roads so nothing ever rusts. I really liked this rusted out Chevy set in the backdrop of an abandoned barn.

America, Fuck Yeah!

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My 21st Birthday

I have been dieing to use this photo for some time. That's me on the left looking fierce in a Tasmanian Devil shirt and face paint. I turn 21 today, hopefully I won't look like that tonight. Any drink suggestions?



I registered restlesstransplant.blogspot.com on June 15, 2008 with the intent of blogging about technology. I had recently had met Kara Swisher, a technology blogger and columnist for the WSJ, and felt inspired. She asked me if I blogged about technology, and I didn't have a good answer. Technology and tech-companies occupy a lot of my time and I read just as many tech blogs as fashion or lifestyle blogs. However, I didn't really like blogging about technology and frankly added zero value so I stopped after a dozen posts.

In the last year, my interests in fashion, lifestyles and art has evolved substantially. In September, I started interning at Rogues Gallery. My work at Rogues opened my eyes to a whole new world of blogs, look books and design. In early October, I bought my first digital camera, after deciding to document my life and developing my aesthetic pallet. This purchase precipitated the relaunching of A Restless Transplant (A.R.T.) with a new focus on fashion, lifestyles and photography.

Over the last three months, I have posted roughly once a day with a focus on writing original content about the world around me. Forcing myself to write and come up with ideas for A.R.T. has stimulated my creative thought and rekindled my interest in writing. Late last night, I registered arestlesstransplant.com, solidifying the blog's role in my life.

Thank you for your reading A.R.T. and feel free to email me at foster.huntington (at) gmail.com with comments and concerns.