Jon Patrick from The Selvage Yard and his Leather Bag

My mom doesn't hesitate to voice her opinion about my posts and who I link to. She doesn't like some of my photographs of barns, she thinks Michael Williams is a dick and that his blog is over hyped, and she absolutely raves about Jon Patrick's The Selvage Yard. On Friday I met up with JP, as Jon Patrick is known throughout the menswear and blogging world, to interview the fine gentlemen that run design at Rugby for an article in next month's H(Y)R Collective.

JP dressed as you would expect a longtime menswear veteran and dedicated style blogger to, wearing classic staples of American and British fashion. However, his leather bag "really tied the room together" adding context to his dead stock 501's and mackintosh trench.

According to JP, he "found it [the bag] rotting in the basement an old Victorian house of a friend's, probably been there for decades and it was as brittle as an old dinosaur bone. took it home, soaked it in lindseed oil and cleaned it up with mink oil and it's now one of my most valued treasures. Not sure what the initials represent, but I'm intrigued and will never feel complete until I know..."

Meeting someone after reading their blog posts and tweets for months creates a unique sense of familiarity and insight into their thoughts. I had an awesome afternoon with JP and look forward to working with him on a column for the H(Y)R Collective.

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