One Year Anniversary

Just over a year ago,  I flew from New York to Reno and met a new friend.  Waiting in the baggage claim,  I first saw her making loops around the football sized loop.  Her throaty exhaust cut through the top 40 hits and whirring air conditioning.  I have never been so eager for my backpack to come off the conveyor.  Since picking her up that morning in July,  I have slept over 320 nights in her fold-down bed. It's been the best year of my life. Here are a collection of my favorite shots of her from the last year.

Mojave Desert, CA.  November 2011.

Big Sur, CA.  December 2011

Lost Coast, CA.  September 2011.

Mexican Hat, Utah. April 2012.

Gunnison National Forest, CO.  August 2011.

Crater Lake, OR.  September 2011.

Pescadero, Mexico. February 2012.

White Salmon, WA. August 2011.

Northern Arizona.  May 2012.

Through the breakdowns, hundreds of tanks of gas and 37k miles,  she's been a great ride and worth every cent I spent on her.  Thanks for supporting me along the way.

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